Itemscript 1.0 adds JAM templates, the Itemscript Validator and the Item:Store for GWT developers.

Welcome to Item:Foo

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Welcome to Item:Foo.

Item:Foo is developing rich web application development tools based on the itemscript specification.

We aim to reduce the cost of iterating.  It can take a lot of iterating to get the right user experience. When the interface designer uses drawings or mockups, you don’t have a chance to test the user experience.  We’d like to make it easier and less expensive to iterate with a running model when designing the user experience. Design pays you back forever, for better or worse, and we like better.

We also aim to reduce the cost of integrating.  When the application developer connects data sources, each has its own API.  This adds complexity to the code.  We’re introducing a simple RESTful API based on JSON name:value pairs. The Item:Store API provides URL references to in memory data or remote data sources.  The Item:Store API extends the value of data source connections based on SOAP, MQ, SQL and other protocols and gives greater control and flexibility to the web service developer.

We aim to reduce the cost of change.  Software should be more malleable.  When it’s time to iterate the interface or remodel the data source, there should be minimal disruption and rework.

We aim to bring the right information to the interactions that drive your business by making it easier to build and iterate rich web applications.

We’re believers in open source libraries, so we’re contributing our libraries as the Itemscript project.  We believe in fruitful collaboration, so we’re working with customers to build industrial strength development tools that deliver the value of the itemscript library. We’re partnering with colleagues who see the need to iterate, integrate and innovate actively to meet changing needs in a fast changing world.  We’re here to improve the interactions that make that possible.